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'Goldenna', was established in 2021 by Dr Victor Law, a veterinarian with a strong interest and love for the Golden Retriever Breed.

We aim to produce golden retrievers with the best temperament, health and structural conformation as according to the ANKC breed standard. All breeding dogs went through a critical selection process by veterinarian, other golden retriever breeders and confirmation show judges. We ensure all dogs have passed their health and genetic testing prior to breeding. We raise our puppies using the 'puppy culture' method, providing them with training and stimuli as early as possible.

Health tests done for our breeding dogs:
ANKC Hips and Elbow X-rays
Orivet genetic testing (full breed profile) - to ensure no heritable disease passing on to the next generation
Eye examination by specialist veterinary ophthalmologist
Heart examination by specialist veterinary cardiologist

All puppy comes with ANKC Limited Pedigree Paper - unless otherwise arranged.
If you are interested to get a dog with an ANKC Main Register either for showing or breeding purposes, alternate arrangement and discussion will be required.

We take pride in our kennel and are very proud that all our dogs grow up in a family environment that is extremely well-loved and taken care of. If you ever want to visit our dogs, have a chat or have any questions please reach out via email or mobile text.

Planned visits for puppies are welcomed.

Next litter: ~Oct 2024


Exciting News:

Aus Champion Goldenna Tigers Eye (Captain) has passed all his health tests and will now be available at stud to approved bitches.

If you are considering using Captain for stud, please email your interest along with a copy of the bitch's pedigree paper and all relevant health tests as per ANKC requirement.