Puppy Raising

Our puppies are raised with the ‘Puppy Culture’ method. For more information please visit this website:
We believed that following the puppy culture method produces well socialised and confident puppy.

Each day, I perform a quick exam on each puppy and record their weight on our daily recording sheets. We do our best in noting down everything related to the puppy as it helps us keep track on how they are growing and day-to-day changes.

Our puppies rarely get sick as they were raised in a very clean and hygienic environment. We change their vet bed and disinfect their whelping box daily. Once they know how to toilet themselves, we place a big black tray with some puppy pads on it to encourage toilet training which they tend to learn extremely quickly.

Food and nutrition wise, the first two weeks they tend to stick with just mother’s milk + colostrum. I rarely need to supplement feed the puppies. Once they turned 2 weeks old (when they start opening their eyes) I start introducing the Royal Canin Puppy Mousse and they quickly start learning to lick them up. I prefer to weaning my puppies off from mum as soon as they can. When they turn around 3.5-4 weeks old I start soaking Royal Canin Maxi baby food in water or milk supplement to allow them to soften and the puppies enjoy that very much. My puppies should be able to fully eat puppy kibbles by 6 weeks old.

They are all routinely wormed starting at 2 weeks of age at a fortnight interval until 12 weeks. The puppies are microchipped and given their C3 vaccination at 6 weeks of age. Puppies will then be matched with a new owner based on many different factors such as the puppies behaviour and the new family’s background.