Goldenna Precious Tanzanite (Minnie)

Goldenna Precious Tanzanite (Minnie)

Introducing Minnie, the spirited pup who's all about spreading love and joy! With an undying passion for cuddles and belly rubs, she's a pro at making everyone feel loved and cherished. Minnie's adventurous spirit takes her on car trips and long walks, where she enjoys bonding with her human family and other furry friends, including her two feline brothers, Smudge and Reggie.

Minnie's easygoing and relaxed temperament makes her a delightful companion for vet and animal science students, as she loves to share her wisdom and bring smiles to their faces. Her incredible charisma and lovable ways make it impossible not to fall head over paws for her. Not to mention, Minnie has a sneaky side – she knows how to claim her spot on the bed whenever someone leaves it for even a moment! Those puppy eyes and charming ways are hard to resist.

With Minnie's loving personality and affectionate nature, she's sure to leave a lasting paw print on the hearts of everyone she meets. Get ready to be enchanted by Minnie's unconditional love and become part of her exciting adventures as she continues to make friends and touch the lives of future generations of pet lovers.

Health tests results:

DNA Orivet All Clear 

Hip score 4:3

Elbow score: 0:0

Eye certificate: All clear - current